C&K Trucking Expands on the West Coast with Pacific Green Trucking Acquisition

Posted December 1, 2023

The West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have always handled record-breaking traffic, regardless of fluctuations in the economy. Now, C&K Trucking offers increased drayage capacity to serve these diligent ports, thanks to the acquisition of Pacific Green Trucking.

“This is great news for any of our customers who need drayage operations on the West Coast,” said Sean McShane, president of C&K Trucking. “Pacific Green has a well-established reputation for excellence and is set to grow with us as we expand service to the busy Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.”

How busy are the West Coast ports? In 2022, the Port of Los Angeles handled 9.9 million TEUs, which comprises 40 percent of the West Coast’s market share. The port’s top five containerized imports include furniture, auto parts, apparel, plastics, and footwear. Leading exports include pet/animal feed, paper/wastepaper, soybeans, fabrics/raw cotton, and recyclable metal.  Combined with the Port of Long Beach (known as the San Pedro complex since the ports are located on San Pedro Bay), the two ports handle 29 percent of containerized trade to the U.S.

The Port of Long Beach
 is located twenty miles north of Los Angeles and rivals the neighboring port as one of the busiest in the country.  It ranks number 21 among the busiest container cargo ports in the world, but when combined with the Port of Los Angeles, the complex ranks ninth by container volume. Long Beach is a top import site for crude oil, electronics, plastics, furniture, and clothing. Top exports from the ports include petroleum coke, petroleum bulk, chemicals, wastepaper, and foods.

Serving both LA and Long Beach faithfully for the last 14 years, Pacific Green Trucking provides shipping container drayage services such as transportation and transloading, including special handling of overweight and hazmat loads. The company operates more than 120 trucks and is rapidly adding more to its fleet to provide increased capacity for C&K Trucking customers. Pacific Green is also a leader in renewable natural gas (RNG) powered trucks and is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in California.

If you are looking to expand your import or export activity on the West Coast, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your drayage needs. As we grow, we are committed to providing the same fine service and efficient drayage solutions that our customers have come to expect from us. What can we do for you? To discuss your needs, please email us at sales@cktrucking.com or call 888-209-3837.